One of the top destinations not to miss on your holiday in Portugal is the Algarve. This desirable region is situated in southern Portugal stretching from the west most point at Cape St Vincent 50km to the north and 155km east to the Spanish border. So what are the best things you can explore in the Algarve?


Enjoy the water sports

Algarve is well known for its sun-soaked coast and has some of Europe’s finest beaches. With the sun shining almost all year round and a pleasant climate, the sands look golden under the clear blue skies. Water sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice – from surfing, kayaking and diving to extreme sports such as kite surfing, paragliding and wakeboarding.

Play golf

With over 25 golf courses, and some of the best in Europe, Algarve is a golfer’s paradise. At the Federacao Portuguesa de Golfe, you can play a total of forty-two 9-hole or 18-hole! The Oceanico complex at Vilamoura dominates the golfing scene in the Algarve, with the Old, Victoria, Laguna and Pinhal all rated among the top golf courses in the world.

Cycle along the unspoilt Algarve coast

There are also some excellent opportunities for enthusiasts to cycle along the stunning Algarve coast. Whether it’s a leisure or endurance cycle with family or friends, you can enjoy postcard perfect landscapes of the coastline.

The Roman Ruins of Milreu, a luxurious rural villa, transformed into a prosperous farm in the 3rd century, Portugal

Visit the Roman ruins

The Roman ruins of Milreu are located south of the beautiful countryside town of Estoi. The villa which was inhabited from the first century AD has a gallery of columns around a courtyard. At the southwest of the villa is an impressive bathing chamber, with an underfloor heating system, fish mosaics and apodyterium (changing room).

Explore Serras de Monchique, Espinhaco de Cao and Caldeirao

Algarve is rich in biodiversity and Serra de Monchique has especially lush vegetation. Climb to Foia Peak, the highest point in the Algarve, and you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view from the Alentejo to the infinite sea horizon. Serra de Espinhaco de Cao is a range of hills with slopes covered in arbutus berry trees and Serra do Caldeirao is a protected area of hills, cork trees and harsh scrubland. These are great places either by car or by foot if you’re looking for different experience away from the crowded beaches.

Sample the delicious cuisine

Those who are passionate about food should not miss the mouth-watering culinary delights. caldo verde (Portugal’s signature soup dish), feijoada (bean stew), caldeirada (fish stew), Frango Piri-Piri (barbecued chicken) are some dishes not to be missed. The Algarve’s wines are definitely worth a try, especially a refreshing glass of “vinho verde” (sparkling wine) in the summer.

Enjoy the buzzing nightlife

Albufeira and Lagos are two great places for those looking for a lively party holiday. The Albufeira Strip, also known as The Strip by tourists, is crowded with restaurants, shops, bars and tattoo parlours.

Algarve is a popular holiday choice for families, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Be it water sports, biking, roman ruins, delicious cuisine, or amazing night out, it’s all about exploring the nature and culture your way in Algarve.

Images by Rodrigo Gomez Sanz and Carole Raddato used under the Creative Commons license.

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